Belief Statement That Informs our Vision and Mission:

While recognizing the historical significance of formal creeds and doctrines that began to emerge in the Middle Ages, we do not ascribe to any creed or doctrine as a requirement for membership. We use the Scriptures as a guide to discern God’s will for our lives individually and collectively as a church with special emphasis on the New Testament. We believe the message and example of Jesus as found in the Gospels reveals God’s will and plan of redemption for our world. In keeping with the testimony of the New Testament, we believe God is like Jesus. 


Through the love, taught and expressed by Jesus of Nazareth, a love that is proactive, forms equity, is sacrificial and restorative by nature, functions within the human experience as a binding power, we can find hope and reconciliation in all things. We strive to commit, understand, and practice this love that has no boundaries, centers on patience and kindness, never dishonors another, and keeps no records of wrongs. We are capable of protecting, trusting, hoping, and persevering when guided by this love to manifest God's love on earth, as it is in Heaven.


To partner with, be a resource for and guide in Love. To love, support, and encourage people into lived theology.