First Church Of Christ San Fernando

God's Blended Family

We are a non-denominational church, fully independent of any ecclesiastical hierarchy. All major decisions are made by the congregation collectively. All people are welcome to worship and participate in our activities and worship services. All are invited to receive the Lord’s Supper which is celebrated each Sunday morning.

We seek to be a diverse and serving congregation made up of all races, ethnicities, cultures, ages, and economic backgrounds. We emphasize forgiveness, compassion, reconciliation, social justice for all, and mutual acceptance of all peoples based on Jesus’ example. We seek to help families in crisis and the poor.

Our music is mostly contemporary with some traditional hymns. We serve refreshments and coffee just before church services. Sermons are based on Scriptures and contextualized to address current issues.

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Our Beliefs

While recognizing the historical significance of formal creeds and doctrines that began to emerge in the Middle Ages, we do not ascribe to any creed or doctrine as a requirement for membership. We use the Scriptures as a guide to discern God’s will for our lives individually and collectively as a church with special emphasis on the New Testament. We believe the message and example of Jesus as found in the Gospels reveals God’s will and plan of redemption for our world. In keeping with the testimony of the New Testament, we believe God is like Jesus.


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