**Due to the recent pandemic breakout of Covid-19 and the magnitude of how it has hit the Los Angeles region,  we have closed campus. Due to our great love of people and concern for our congregation,  we are adhering to the strictest,  CDC guidelines. We are currently holding church services online,  live Sunday mornings at 11:00 a.m. We would love you to join us. You can subscribe to our newsletter for event notices of our services and meetings. With much love and expectation,  we hope to see you soon**


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First Church Of Christ San Fernando

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Outreach Ministries

We work towards partnerships and community engaments with Churches/Non-profit Organizations locally and globally. We have a concentric model that radiates from our local community out into the world.

Worship Ministries

The worship minisrty is an inclusive and inviting team. If you have a desire to join the team reach out to us!

Events Committee

We have a vibrant events team. We plan barbecues, holiday events, and even concerts. Be part of the team today!

Media Team

We are starting a Media Team for our church. We're working on growing our social media team to bring forth innovation through marketing, video promotions, and social networking.