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First Church of Christ


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Our Staff

Dr. Rick Talbott is the senior minister and an instrumental part of the church at San Fernando. He started out as a part of the youth group and then in the early 1970’s became the youth minister. In the 80s he accepted a request from the church to be the minister and he has continued to be a vital resource for the congregation. He received his B.A. degree from CSUN, his M.A. in theology from Fuller Theological Seminary, and his PhD. in History of Religions from UCLA which has prepared him for a teaching position in the Religious Studies Dept at CSUN and functions as the Religious Studies Department Chair. His deep faith and commitment for the church along with his academic accomplishments place him in a rather unique position to preach a gospel that brings good news to the church and that is intellectually responsible as well as challenging to those not connected to the Christian faith. Rick is an accomplished author, his most recent publications include: 


Jesus, Paul, and Power; Rhetoric, Ritual, and Metaphor in ANcient Mediterranean Christianity. Cascade Books, 2010

Imagining the Matthean Eunich Community; Kyriarchy on the Chopping Block." Journal of Feminist Studies, 2006

"Nazareth's Rebelious Son, BTB, 2008; "Jesus Paul and Power: Rhetoric, Ritual, and Metaphor in Ancient Mediterraniean Christianity," Cascade Books, 2010

Book review of Maurice Casey's "Jesus of Nazareth: An Independent Historians Account of His Life and Teaching," Journal of the American Academy of Religion, 2012.

Scott Van Antwerp started out as the Youth Minister in 1992. He served in that capacity for six years developing a multi-cultural youth group and youth program in a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood. In 1999, he took on the role of Minister of Community Development. Building off of the the youth ministry base, he was commissioned to reach out further into the neighborhood and develop a community presence to instill a sense of concentric spiritual influence. He was instrumental in creating a five day a week youth center, that provided an option for youth in a gang recruitment neighborhood. The youth center facilitated to help relieve family tensions by operating as a liason for scholastic essentials, social health institutions, and resolve neighborhood conflicts. Since 2007, Scott has held the role of Associate Minister where he now functions to work directly with the leadership to support the church's missionary life, oversee social events, recruit and utilize volunteers, establish a food pantry, manage the property, and develop our social network with the use of information and technology.